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Hi. I'm Jensen, I love music and my friends. Send me some questions or comments, or just say hi! if you ever need any advice I will be sure to help. How about you stay awhile?
1:28pm priveting:

untitled by 夏先生 on Flickr.
12:55pm adorus:

四万十川 by timotical on Flickr.
12:22pm wildstag:

Marie et Pierre by Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga on Flickr.
11:49am "I was afraid of my own thoughts and the thoughts behind my thoughts." — Friedrich Nietzsche, from Thus Spoke Zarathustra (via cold-winter-days)

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11:16am priveting:

Good time by Marcos Rivas on Flickr.
10:44am frails:

untitled by smallcutsensations on Flickr.
10:11am westerus:

moment VI by weloveunicorns on Flickr.
9:38am 4dele:

forgotten letters between people who are no longer alive by senseofdoubt on Flickr.
1:28pm slanting:

31 (by alexmepham)
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i want to have this
12:22pm sinkling:

286|365 by Leigh Ellexson on Flickr.
11:49am "I feel small; but so are stars from a distance." — ten word poem, i. (via uncloudly)

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