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Hi. I'm Jensen, I love music and my friends. Send me some questions or comments, or just say hi! if you ever need any advice I will be sure to help. How about you stay awhile?
1:27pm angel-falls:

49/52 by angela w* on Flickr.
12:54pm arunaea:

. by mariell øyre on Flickr.
12:22pm oursoulsareone:

untitled by bamsesayaka on Flickr.
11:49am axtivity:

☾✧☠ exit this way ☠✧☽
11:17am attaches:

blinded by elizabeth sarah on Flickr.
Looking for more relatable posts?
Looking for more relatable posts?
9:05am 7peaches:

752 by Åshild Eriksen on Flickr.
1:28pm the-emptybones:

the-emptybones: wow didn’t think it would get this many notes!
11:49am untrustyou:

gzregorz k.
11:16am "Stop asking me to trust you while I’m still coughing up water from the last time you let me drown." — (via kxvsc)

(via still-minds)